The Museum At FIT, Couture Council's Summer Party

by CHRISTINE COOLIDGE · August 6, 2009

    Helen Lee Schifter George Soterakis, Sam Thompson Gabriel Rivera Gemma Kahng Farrah AnsariEvelyn Lorentzen Bell Dotty Amato, Russell Hartman Cathy Hardwick, CeCe Cord, Marletta Eddy Charlotte MossMichelle Harper, Yaz Hernandez Charlotte Moss Christina Davis, Loulie Walker, Molly Middleton Coromoto Antecio, Mira Hernandez Andrew Krocoff, Drew Grant Allison Farrar, Vanessa Vasquez Claudia Lebenthal, Liz Peek, Alexandra Lebenthal Anne Monoky, Caragh Wilson, David Thielebeule, Anna Maria Pimentel, Courtney Weinblatt Russell Hartman, Dotty D'Amato AtmosphereJoan Hornig, Christian Cota, Gabriel Rivera CeCe Cord B.Z. Schwartz, Pascale Richard Yildiz Blackstone Sarah Mandato, Michelle Greenip Ralph Rucci, Yaz Hernandez Rosemary Ponzo, Adrien Field [All Photos by PATRICK MCMULLAN and SHAUN MADER for PMc]. Nanette LeporeMeghan Walsh Loulie Walker, Molly Middleton Mary Rambin, Adrien Field Amy Fine Colins Cathy Hardwick, CeCe Cord

    Yesterday evening, the Museum at FIT Couture Council held their annual summer cocktail party. Council member Charlotte Moss opened her beautiful uptown home for the event, letting guests mingle is the garden, on the multiple balconies and amongst the endless antiques. Valerie Steele, Hamish Bowles, Alexandra Lebenthal, Nanette Lepore, Amy Fine Colins, Rosemary Ponzo, Patrick McMullan, Christian Cota, Helen Lee Schifter, Yigal Azrouel, CeCe Cord, Mary Rambin, Leah Bourne, Carter Cramer, Yaz Hernandez and Adrien Field were just some of the well-heeled sipping away the summer evening while checking out the sea of clothes horses, and what they chose to wear, last night.