This Genius Accessory Is The Ultimate Rainy Day Must-Have

by Danielle Soviero · August 7, 2017

    Ladies, we’ve all been there. You’re walking down the street with your favorite handbag when all of a sudden the skies open up and down pours the rain. You run for cover but your bag has already gotten drenched. Here’s where Handbag Raincoat comes in. It’s really a genius idea. 

    They’re chic, waterproof covers for handbags of all shapes and sizes. You slip one over your bag, pull the straps through and “ta-da,” completely protected. These “raincoats” come in clear, jet black, opaque black and printed varieties, and you can have them monogrammed - how cute! Bonus: they fold down to a compact size so you can keep them with you wherever you are, in case bad weather suddenly hits (as, of course, it is wont to do). 

    Hey, if you're willing to invest in a timeless designer bag, we'd suggest you go the extra mile and keep that baby protected - for just $11!

    [Photo via @crfashionbook]