The Party Starts Today!

by guestofaguest · November 8, 2007


    It's finally here. The day the new Roberto Cavalli Line appears on the shelves of H&M. I can hardly contain my excitement....NOT! This has been one of the most hyped up, talked about events in the mass-marketing fashion world for months and I want to go on with my life. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE Cavalli (I remember my first conversation with him when meeting him at The Box with his wife). He seemed like a genuine guy, talking with me for almost an hour about joint loves in Italy. It was the highlight of my month. But seeing all those women lined up in animal prints outside the 5th avenue store just to score matching H&M Cavalli dresses made me a little bit sad.

    Then I caught a glimpse of the man himself, casually puffing away on a cigar at 9:00 in the morning and walked away knowing that the guy can do no harm here. He is going to inspire a lot of people that may never have the chance to buy a "real" Cavalli gown in their lives. So, I am okay with this now, as long as the hoopla winds down by the weekend. For all things Cavalli today including hour by hour coverage go to