The Reebok Flash Store Opening Sends Steve Lewis Scrambling To Find His Old Reeboks

by Rachelle Hruska · November 20, 2008

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    Last night, the Bowery was rocking with the opening of the Reebok Flash store at 169 Bowery (and Kenmare).  The best thing about this store is that it's a block away from us!  We saw guests carrying out gift bags all night long.  I hope Uncle Steve made it out alright.  He's had a busy week and was distrought over not finding any Reebok's to wear (His Facebook Status: "Steve is trying to find reeboks but only has vans, puma's and nike's! Will they notice and be insulted?").  Alas things went as planned, and DJ Nick Cohen kept the hip crowd alive.

    More story and photos below:

    Other guests besides Steve Lewis included Taylor Momsen, Kim Raver, Michelle Trachetenberg, Katrina Bowden, John Lynch, Olivia Cuervo, Jamel Robinson, Mick Rock, Nur Khan, Paul Johnson-Calderon, Robert Buckly, and DJ Nick Cohen.

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    Kim Raver

    Michelle Trachtenberg, Taylor Momsen