The Supper Club's New York Opening Party for Hudson Hotel's Sky Terrace

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · May 20, 2009

    [Neel Shah, Cayte Grieve, Picara Vassallo, Mandy Stadtmillerer. Photos by David Prutting by PMc]

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    Last night Tamsin Lonsdale's Supper Club hosted a kick off party for the Hudson Hotel's new Sky Terrace.  The event celebrated the Sky Terrace's opening to public- just in time for memorial day outdoor drinking madness! The weather was great for the swanky cocktail soiree and perfectly illuminated the terrace as one of the hottest new  spaces of the summer.  The party also featured a musical performance by singer Alexa Wilding who is, naturally, a Supper Club member, as well as on the new compilation CD for Morgan's Hotel Group. 

    Guests including Mark Langrish, Bettina and Jamie Prentice, Jason Binn, Karen Eldad, Flavia Masson, Neel Shah, Chau Ngo, and many more enjoyed the amazing sunset views from the terrace. They also sipped on a variety of cocktails by (ri) 1 which is an ultra premium rye whiskey, including two particularly delicious concoctions: the Spring Smash and the Pineapple Cayenne Rickey.  Yum.  Getting in the mood for libations at the Sky Terrace stat? Us too.  Go here to check out more photos from our gallery and enjoy more shots below....

    Alexa Wilding

    Karen Eldad, Cayte Grieve, Chau Ngo

    Alise Shumaker, Adam Haggiag

    Christine Laurent, Peter da Silva Vint, Mei-li da Silva Vint, Chelsea Leyland, Ben Pundole

    Jeff Tonnesen

    Brant Stead, Katrina Szish

    Bettina and Jamie Prentice, Sarah Neils

    Tamsin Lonsdale, Mark Langrish, Veronica Siebert