The Unisex Salon Spreads Valentine's Day Love At Norwood, It's Christmas Morning For Kristian Laliberte

by KENDRA SEAY · February 16, 2009

    [Kenyon Phillips of Unisex Salon shakes it for Kristian Laliberte. All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc]

    The Unisex Salon performed a special Valentine's Day performance Saturday night at Norwood in New York City. The explosive rock-pop five piece group founded by brothers Stephen and Kenyon Phillips along with Royston Langdon, Johnny Cragg, and Brian Gumbel, carry a sound described as "a cross between The Beatles, Nirvana, and mid-70s David Bowie". Guests for the electrically charged V-Day performance included Alex Dickerson, Megan Richer, Lulu Frost's Lisa Salzer, and Kristian Laliberte who enjoyed the talent (and rear view) of front man Kenyon Phillips.

    More photos from this event below...

    Unisex Salon

    Megan Richer, Kenyon Phillips, Claudine Gumbel, Brian Gumbel

    Alex Dickerson, Jessica Van Garsse, Julia Kornblatt, Sandra Merrill, Lisa Salzer, Megan Richer

    Unisex Salon