The World's Most Expensive Handbag Is A $6.7 Million Easter Egg Purse Covered In Diamonds

by Stephanie Maida · April 16, 2019

    Revealed last week (on The Wendy Williams Show of all places), a somewhat gruesomely opulent design by Debbie Wingham has now earned the title of the world's most expensive handbag, just in time to put our Pinterest-sourced Easter egg projects to shame.

    The art piece-slash-purse, which appears to be a Fabergé egg on steroids, is made of upcycled materials belonging to an anonymous American client, who handed over her "last season" items for a springtime refresh, according to the Daily Mail. The result? A $6.7 million emu egg covered in 8,000 diamonds and lined with a silk Hermès scarf. The clasp is a pair of $40,000 Cartier earrings, while the outer shell is a 24-karat gold "nest" by Italian designer Alessandro Galanti, embellished with three flawless pink diamonds (worth $1.9 mil) and two flawless white diamonds (around $265,000).

    Wingham has gained fame for her over-the-top creations, which include life-size wedding cakes for billionaires in Dubai, the world's most expensive edible shoes (who knew there was a competition going?), and other wearable pieces of couture. 

    As for this festive Easter accessory? Well, it certainly gives new meaning to the term "Sunday best.""... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    Here she is the most current #worldsmostexpensive it's an art piece that can also be used as a bag created for a fabulous lady in the USA, this WME was so different to any in the past because it was made from repurposed materials, the core of it though is a REAL EMU egg. Of course it's drenched in diamonds the inside of the egg is linned with a Hermes scarf, it opens n closes using 30k #cartier earrings and the 24 carat gold exterior is a process that award winning 24carat gold artist @alessandro__galanti does exclusively using aged wooden surfaces to pour the gold and create this amazing finish #genuis I needed a finish that still showed the beauty of the real egg inside. Let's just say I'm shattered and over whelmed but was such an honour to reveal this master piece on THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW yesterday, she is such a fantastic lady #art #algalux #artist #gold #highend #luxuryprojects #luxelife #highlife #egg #moderndayfaberge #faberge #contemporaryart #mediatakeover #colab #bling #diamondartist #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend #wendywilliams #artistsofig #artistoftheworld #finejewellery #luxury #bag #purse #handbag #worldsmostexpensivebag #contemporaryartist
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