This Sequin Sweater Makes A Night On The Couch Look Like A Party

by Christie Grimm · January 5, 2021

    How are your preparing for the inevitable multitude of couch days ahead?

    I mean January and February during normal, non-apocolyptic times are trying enough - but during a pandemic? Oof. 

    As you continue to carefully curate and stock pile your Netflix Watch List, pin new recipes to try out in the kitchen, and scan the Internet for new and interesting puzzles to torment yourself with, let's be real - your around the house look could use a serious upgrade.

    Our not so subtle suggestion? Veronica Beard's Yola Sequin Cable-Knit Pullover

    Trust us, it's a cozy meets couture piece that will make life chez vous way less depressing. 

    Wear leggings all day every day with slightly less guilt and bit more pizzazz!

    [Photos via Veronica Beard]