Tiffany Koury and Comme Il Faut, A Perfect Pair!


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    Luxury dress designer Tiffany Koury teamed up with Julia Schiptsova (representing Comme iL Faut) to host a two day sample sale and trunk show in NYC last week. The partnership proved to be a success as their brands match perfectly! The Argentine shoe line is as feminine as Tiffany's dresses, but so comfortable - they are cushioned for Tango dancing! Everyone that attended went home with several dresses with shoes to match and the intention to be long trem customers. The two designers will also begin to meet with private clients together because the pairing was so well received.

    More story and photos below:

    Tiffany Koury, Julia Schiptsova [Tiffany Koury and Julia Schiptsova. This picture by Marten Kayle]

    Our own Ben Kaufman stopped by, and said:

    "It by far was the most enjoyable night I have spent in a long time. I walked into the evening not knowing what to expect. What I got was a calm, low key, and friendly environment. Tiffany's clothes are stunning and were perfectly complemented by Julia's shoes. I stood back and watched in enjoyment as a bunch of grown women seemed to revert back into young girls playing dress up during a sleep over or afternoon play date. The whole night was full of joy and merriment and when it came to a close and people began to leave I found myself left with my host and her friends having comfortable conversation. It was a night I could enjoy again and again."