Tim Gunn Toasts The 80th Anniversary Of Monet Jewelry

by SARAH MANDATO · August 13, 2009

    Tim Gunn[Tim Gunn with the Monet team. All photos by CLINT SPAULDING for PMc]. Monet jewelry celebrated its 80th anniversary with the fashionable Mr. Tim Gunn at the accessory showroom, yesterday. Tim has been offering tips on how to wear the pieces, part of a global brand, as he prepares to see Project Runway return to television after an extended, contentious hiatus. He mingled with the Monet team, who toasted the octogintennial with not a single, particular anniversary stone, but a room full of sparkly bling to bring in the big year.

    Millie Bratten, Tim GunnNed Goepp, Bill McComb Millie Bratten, Tim Gunn, Ned Goepp, Bill McComb

    Tiffany Bausch, Cristina Desposito Shana Marowitz, Lindsay Friaglia Tiffany Bausch, Cristina Desposito, Shana Marowitz, Lindsay Friaglia

    Jacqueline Tse, Jovana Djuric Jerelyn Zontini, Pamela Kirkbride Jacqueline Tse, Jovana Djuric, Jerelyn Zontini, Pamela Kirkbride

    Monica Cotto, Alycia Mason, Alyssa Chernicky Nina Chiavetta, Anotonia Kojuharoua Monica Cotto, Alycia Mason, Alyssa Chernicky, Nina Chiavetta, Anotonia Kojuharoua

    Keith Whittaker, Ray Holliday Tiffany Bausch, Marguax Caniato Keith Whittaker, Ray Holliday, Tiffany Bausch, Marguax Caniato

    Danielle Baskin, Mike Vilensky Danielle Baskin, Mike Vilensky