Topper Luciani And Paul Longo's Rules For Style

by Rachelle Hruska · August 5, 2008

    topper luciani and paul longo

    Some search for perfect pants, while others' interests lie in what's on top.  While in college in NYC, cousins Topper Luciani and Paul Longo, were, in particular, in search of the perfect polo shirt.  They wanted to create a polo that was "edgy yet rooted in tradition".  Welcome Sir Drake.

    Sir Drake embodies the life and experiences of the English explorer Sir Francis Drake, whose journeys served as an inspiration to the founders...To this end, Sir Drake is about the paradox of the modern man – willing to follow the rules of fashion yet actively seeking to express an individual sense of style. [Sir Drake Clothing]

    sir drakesir drakesir drake

    To understand Topper and Paul's rules for style, you only have to look at the icons they chose for their shirts:

    It's all in the icons, each of which embodies a defining attribute of the "Sir Drake Man": Responsibility, No Boundaries, Life, Individuality, Freedom, Achieve the Impossible, Stability, and Soul.(My favorite is "achieve the impossible" represented by a flying pig).   Not only do they make cool shirts, they are known to throw some sick parties.  The most recent ones being the at the WangSchire apartment rooftop, and, of course, the Blue & Cream store.

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