Update: Birddogs Shorts Are STILL Extremely Douchey

by Stephanie Maida · April 8, 2019

    Now that Patagonia has cut ties with Wall Street, finance bros need a new clothing item to match with their friends in an effort to continue feeling like they belong. College may have ended ten years ago, but frat-boy mentality lasts forever.

    Lucky for them, there's Birddogs, the shorts you may remember from their disappointing pitch on Shark Tank or our 2017 article, Birddogs Shorts: The Douchiest Clothing Brand In The World. Well, two years later, we're here to unhappily (but also unsurprisingly) report that they still extremely douchey. 

    Just take a look at their new sponsored ad that's been popping up on Instagram:

    We're not sure what's more offensive: the fact that they're attempting to market gym shorts as business casual attire, or the fact that they'd even suggest a gay man would have such terrible taste.

    In any case, now that Goldman Sachs has loosened up its dress code, we wouldn't be shocked to see these paired with button-ups in the Financial District come summertime. Hey, at least we'll know who to avoid at happy hour.

    [Photo via Facebook]