Veggie Tales: Footwear Edition

by AMANDA MELILLO · February 14, 2008

    natalie [Photo via Fashion Binge] Seems like Natalie Portman is the girl about town today, from the cover of W magazine to one of the latest sightings on Gawker Stalker...and then there's that vegan shoe line she founded we've been hearing so much about. Yesterday, Racked reported that she appeared at Soho's Te Casan last night for the launch of said shoeline, the proceeds of which go to the Nature Conservancy. Has anyone noticed how vegan footwear and accessories are becoming the new buzzword items? I feel like it's becoming even more vogue than celebrities adopting babies from third world nations in the vein of Angelina and Madonna. (Watch out, Donna Karan. PETA is still waiting for their moment to pounce, and notes that your line will not be making their list of Vegan Companies this year, a la Stella McCartney.) Note to Roger Clemens: maybe it's time to learn what a vegan IS.

    Now, what materials they use to actually make faux leather and faux suede has always been a mystery to me, one which I haven't taken particular care to answer—sort of like how my chocolate disappears so quickly, or I always manage to lose that one piece of paper that I meant to keep track of diligently. But seriously: What is faux leather MADE of? Regardless, I'm not sure what the shoe pictures above is made of either—some sort of alloy material? What they use to make aluminum cans? Either way, the shoe looks stylish yet exquisitely uncomfortable bordering on painful…can you imagine running down Fifth Avenue to steal a cab in those?

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