What Are The Models Eating Tonight? We Have The Menu.

by Chiara Atik · September 10, 2009

    It seems like everyone is running around like crazy, trying to get ready for what will arguably be one of the biggest nights of the year: Fashion Night Out. But models, designers, and fashion writers have got to eat sometime, right? We got ahold of celebrity caterer Mary Giuliani, who is in charge of the menu at the Carolina Herrera, Ferragamo and J. Crew events tonight, and asked her what's on the menu. Her answers, below.



    What's on the menu tonight?

    Tonight I'm doing a marshmallow dessert bar at Lela Rose to coincide with the colors of her new shoe collection for Payless. At J.Crew it's mini sweets and champagne, and at Carolina Herrera we will be passing my famous chicken and prosciutto lollipops.

    Are we expected to believe that the models are eating prosciutto lollipops and marshmallows before they walk the runway?

    Everyone loves good food, so when it is served in small bites it comes guilt free. One bite can't hurt...right?

    What is your best advice for Fashion Week?

    Heels at the events, barefoot in the cabs between parties.

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