What's It Like Sharing An Apartment Building With Kate Moss?

by Rachelle Hruska · April 2, 2009

    [Photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc] The Brits may be going bananas over the Obamas, but New Yorkers are having a British invasion that is comparable to the first one. Except you won't buy their love with music, because it's clothes they're after.  And, quite frankly, these shenanigans are getting out of hand. It's not cute/interesting anymore.  It's not necessarily Topshop's fault, though they have been plugging the press lines since last Spring with buzz. And then there's the two private dinner parties at Balthazar (is that REALLY necessary?)  Alas, a good friend of mine who lives in the building, Jen Gatien, had to END our phone call this morning because the insanity was so intense she could not make it into her own apartment. So what's it like sharing an apartment building with Kate Moss? Well, if there is any plus side, it may be that you get to see famous names like the ones below enter and exit.  Otherwise, it pretty much sucks.

    More photos below...

    Erin Lucas

    Lady Tina Green, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Sir Philip Green

    Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez

    David Wasserman, Jen Gatien

    June Sarpong

    24 Court

    Daryl Roth, Steven Roth, Lady Tina Green