Montserrat's New Zodiac Collection Is The Chicest Way To Sport Your Sign

by Guest of A Guest · January 20, 2022

    Meet the chicest way to answer the all-important question, "what's your sign?"

    In celebration of Valentine's Day, cult favorite jewelry brand Monserrat New York has just launched their new Zodiac Collection - the perfect pieces to add some astrological flair to your everyday look.

    The special line features 18K gold plated bracelets and necklaces with your zodiac sign front and center in their signature script and a gorgeous lab grown diamond for an added sparkle.

    From Aquarius to Virgo, show off how your stars align!

    Unless of course you're a Scorpio, in which case we'd highly recommend not advertising that fun fact to the world. No offense.

    [Photo courtesy Montserrat]