Which City Wears The Highest Heels In America?

by Stephanie Maida · December 14, 2016

    New York women are notorious for their fierce attitudes and even fiercer shoes. Carrie Bradshaw really wasn't that much of an exaggeration. But despite all the time (and money) spent at Manolo Blahnik, Manhattanites aren't the highest heel-wearers in the game. 

    According to a report by Shoptiques, who gathered consumer info from over 5000 boutiques across the country, a greater percentage of NYC gals actually prefer flats. While that may seem like a surprise at first, it actually makes sense - after all, we're always on the go. Think LA beat us out? Wrong again! Even our West Coast sisters are comfy when it comes to kicks. So which fashionistas ride that sky high life the most? Atlanta ladies! 73% of Georgia peaches prefer heels, wearing the highest in the country, averaging at 3.77 inches, followed closely by Dallas and Miami. Ah, southern style. Can't beat it.

    [Photo via @shalicenoel]