WSJ Unveils New And Improved Website Just In Time, Gives Rupert Murdoch Something Worth Smiling About

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · October 3, 2008

    Rupert Murdoch, Todd Larson, Alan Murray [Rupert Murdoch, Todd Larson, Alan Murray. All photos by NEIL RASMUS for PMc]

    Yesterday the MoMa held a celebration with the Wall Street Journal for their new site. Despite all the economic troubles of the past weeks, guests seemed relaxed. They were smiling, drinking and exploring the revamped website on the desktops that were present.  Rupert Murdoch, Michael Rooney and others were entertained by screens playing topics of relevance and DJ RedBoy (of course!).  Favors included copies of WSJ, of course!  Will WSJ's makeover be the positive catalyst to a change in our negative market consensus?

    Carly Birnbaum, Kirsten Cole, Faith MorningstarDJ RedBoyLindsay GeraKaris, Lisa Guerrieri, Debbie Wei

    More photos below:

    Karen Pendleton, Sara Shenasky. Lany Phlong

    Lany Phlong, Sara Shenasky, Karen Pendleton

    Mark Fishkin, Romy Newman

    Matt Bandow, Dan Anderson, Jamie Aversa

    Rupert MurdochMichael Rooney