Wyclef Jean Hosts Phoenix House Book Launch

by Rachelle Hruska · October 30, 2008

    Wyclef Jean, Howard Meitiner, Andrew Rosen

    Last night, Wyclef Jean hosted the party for Phoenix House's book launch with Theory.  Pheonix House, the drug and alcohol treatment and prevention services Words That Free Us: Voices of Recovery is a collection of deeply personal writings by Phoenix House clients and graduates, their family member, and staff.  Carnival House recording artist Niia performed at the event held at Theory Gansevoort.

    NiiaHoward Meitiner, Niia, Wyclef Jean, Rose Marie Bravo, Andrew RosenFiona Thomas, Peter Som

    More photos below:

    Guests included Howard Meitiner, Andrew Rosen, Niia, Rose Marie Bravo, Marcus Wainwright, David Neville, Andrew Fry, Brendan Monaghan, Ian Judson, Renata Merriam, Courtney Crangi, Phillip Crangi, Jaqui Lividni, Ken Natori, Leanne Fremar, Fiona Thomas, Peter Som, Howard Meitiner, Jeff Mahshie, Jessica Weinstein, Lesley Schulhof, and Annelise Peterson among others.

    Courtney Crangi, Philip Crangi, Jaqui Lividini, Ken Natori, Leanne Fremar

    Rose Marie Bravo, Andrew Rosen

    Marcus Wainwright, David NevilleAndrew Fry, Brendan MonaghanIan Judson, Renata MerriamLesley Schulhof, Annelise Peterson