X-Intiative Honors Paula Cooper And John Richardson

by EMILY HOLLANDER · October 1, 2009

    X-Initiative [All photos by WILL RAGOZZINO for PMc] Last night art-world supporters attended an event at X-Initiative in Chelsea honoring notable gallerist Paula Cooper and art historian/Picasso biographer John Richardson. X is a three phase initiative of the global art community, running from Spring 2009 through Winter 2010, with a goal to inspire new possibilities for both experiencing and producing contemporary art... Massimilano Gioni, David Tieber, Lisa Anastos, and Elizabeth Dee were among the guests at X.

    John RichardsonMargaret Lee John Richardson, Margaret Lee

    Paula Cooper, James Sollins Paula Cooper, James Sollins

    Andrew Roth, Hermes PrinzeDavid Tieber, Massamiliano Gioni Andrew Roth, Hermes Prinze, David Tieber, Massamiliano Gioni

    Barbara Pollack Elizabeth Dee, Christian Rattemeyer, Kay Sophie Rabinowitz Barbara Pollack,  Elizabeth Dee, Christian Rattemeyer, Kay Sophie Rabinowitz Linda Yablonsky Linda Yablonsky

    Kari Morris, Nick LawrenceLucy Bowditch, Noah Johnson Kari Morris, Nick Lawrence, Lucy Bowditch, Noah Johnson

    Paul Bernstein, Louise EliosofJennifer Rubell Paul Bernstein, Louise Eliosof, Jennifer Rubell

    John RichardsonPaula Cooper, Lucas Cooper John Richardson, Paula Cooper, Lucas Cooper