Yellow Nails Fever. Julia Allison Is A Tad Late On The Trend

by Rachelle Hruska · August 13, 2008

    julia allison\'s yellow nailsdevorah rose\'s yellow nailsstephanie wei\'s yellow nails

    [Julia Allison just caught the yellow nail fever that Devorah Rose knows and Stephanie Wei started]

    Julia Allison just got her nails done, and guess what? They're YELLOW!  O.M.G. !!! (!) Such a hot new color to be sporting!!  Except it's not new.  It's actually quite "done" as an "it" color as far as I'm concerned (everyone else has moved on to purple Julia get with it!)  To recollect: first there was Stephanie Wei who toted "Yellow as the new Black" many many months ago.  Then Devorah Rose caught the yellow fever early on in the summer.  Julia, did you consult with Mary before making this decision on which bright hue would be gracing your popular phalanges??

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