Young New Yorkers Benefit The Parkinsons Disease Foundation

by CARSON GRIFFITH · April 24, 2009

    [Emily Davis, Will Rabbe, Randy Adler, Susan Heiden. All photos by NEIL RASMUS for PMc] Young New Yorkers came out last night for a Benefit to support the Parkinsons Disease Foundation and to celebrate spring. Held at the Hudson Terrace, the annual "Young New Yorkers to Benefit Parkinsons Disease Foundation Celebrate Spring" event brought over 500 of the city's most charitable guests of all ages together for cocktails and dancing, raising nearly $100,000. Celebrating the pending good weather were the chairs of the committee, including Georgina Schaeffer, Missy Egbert Sheehan and the Romero family. Congratulations to all involved, for such a successful event!

    William Sheehan, Penn Egbert, Missy Egbert Sheehan, Georgina Schaeffer, Greg Romero, John Romero

    Phoebe Vick, Julianna Starbuck, Krista Schultz, Kay Sheils

    Robin Elliot, William Sheehan

    Tony Schiena, Emma Snowdon Jones

    Emily Davis, Will Rabbe, Stella Karantzoulis, Elle Sakellis

    Elizabeth Meigher, Georgina Schaeffer

    Gillian Gossov, Adrian Shea