How Colorful CEO & Cool Mom Zara Terez Tisch Is Getting It All Done In Lockdown (Or Not)

by Stephanie Maida · January 29, 2021

    In a sea of millennial minimalism and muted tones, one athleisure brand boldly stands out among the rest - in, really, the most literal of terms. From bright rainbows to metallic stars to leopard print and pink snakeskin, Terez has been a source of fun fitnesswear since it debuted in 2012 with galaxy-printed leggings. Since then, the brand has certainly shot to the stars. 

    Founder Zara Terez Tisch set out to make her (middle) namesake brand, which is a combination of both her grandmothers' names, embody "love, freedom of expression, female empowerment, inclusivity, and positivity." It's for the girls and women who want to be loud, even if they're heading to a quiet yoga studio. (For the record, I own a pair of their lightning bolt leggings, which have gotten me compliments everywhere from spin class to the coffee shop.)

    It's not hard to figure out where Terez's colorful philosophy comes from. A quick swipe through Tisch's Instagram account, where she shares snaps and videos in her brand's patterned sets and of her three adorable children with husband David Tisch, feels like going behind-the-scenes of a Skittles commercial: Taste the rainbow! When we communicated over email for this interview, she sent her answers back in bright pink text. She even counts among her work-from-home essentials a purple pen, "always."

    Needless to say, the outgoing entrepreneur is bursting with sunny optimism. But with the past year shaking up even the most glass-half-full among us, how has she been managing it all in lockdown? Well, short answer is, she's not. But she's looking on the bright side.

    Where are you currently hunkering down these days?
    I have been fortunate enough to be safe with my family right outside of New York City.

    As a mom of three very little ones and a CEO, how are you getting it all done?
    I think the answer is that I am not :) it's a constant juggling act and nothing stays in the air all of the time. you have to let some things fall, otherwise you will never get anything done.

    What have been your biggest challenges and rewards during the past year?
    For me, I am an extrovert - I love people, I love being with people - I love to feed off their energy. Only being in my home (grateful) has been a very big challenge for me and my energy gets low at different points throughout the week. On the flip side, the time I have been able to spend with my children is a gift. A true gift. Being able to know that I was going to be there and then BE THERE for my daughter Billie's first steps was extraordinary.

    What are your work-from-home essentials?
    Terez leggings jk no serious 😂 , my Pom Pom slippers, my Tervis water Z cup, my notebook and a purple pen (always).

    Terez has always been about colorful vibes and positivity - things we need now more than ever! How has your brand evolved over the years, and over the past year, especially?
    I think like every brand, time shows an evolution. For us, from a mission and purpose standpoint - the foundation remains the same as the day that I decided to start the company. It didn't really matter what I made, but I wanted to create something, create an environment that brought me joy and in turn others. I think over the years, our mission has evolved and been refined, but that happens with experience and true understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it. We always wanted to exist as a platform for positivity and to celebrate the GOOD moments - our products are just our medium that physically express that.

    Many of us are embracing comfort these days, but I love that Terez makes it fun, and it looks like you have a lot of fun when getting dressed. Do you think that's important in these times?
    If you can't have fun and feel good - what's the point? This world is filled with so much opportunity and so many brands that I believe people should support and align with the ones that share their core values. I think I answered the question :)

    Both you and Terez have great Instagram accounts. How have you been making the most of social media to connect and engage with people? Have you found it beneficial?
    Well ... why thank you! As I mentioned, I am an extrovert who has been in my house for almost a year - so social media has become my personal outlet to meet, talk, have fun, "go out" - all of it. I connected with a fantastic College Senior last summer, Chelsea, who I actually brought on as my intern to teach me things. She now runs our Terez account ✨"... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    Terez is also, of course, a home workout must-have. How have you been staying active? Do you have any favorite home workouts?
    Torch'd on @Isaacboots Instagram at 11AM EST EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    When it comes to winding down, what are your self-care musts?
    I loveeeee moisturizing - it's my absolute favorite pastime in my bathroom. Face cream, body cream, oils - you name it.

    What's a little luxury you can't live without?
    Nannies - best women and team in the world.

    What are you looking forward to most in the post-COVID era?
    Giving hugs to strangers who I meet for the first time again.