I don't know about you, but I have finally hit a wall when it comes to sporting those hospital blue disposable masks from Duane Reade. 

Maskne aside (and oh, trust me the struggle is real. Just about every time I run into someone they ask me if I am also breaking the F out. PSA: We're all breaking out!), the need for sporting a face covering isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So I suggest you and I both finally accept this alternative universe that we're living in and stock up on Morgan Lane's collection of cheerful, chic, silky face masks to get us through until God knows when.

Every It Girl's favorite go-to brand for all things dreamy and luxe is whipping up masks that will give you a new lease on pandemic life. And don't you dare hesitate to pull the trigger on these puppies, because they are most definitely going to sell out!

Click through for some of my personal favorite styles!

[Photos via Morgan Lane]