Get Spooky: Try Your Luck At These Friday The 13th Bashes

by BILLY GRAY · November 13, 2009

    An estimated 17-21 million Americans live in fear of Friday and 13 aligning on their calendars. Well, the dreaded date has arrived. Tonight, you could raise your terror level by cuddling up on the couch with your choice of Camp Crystal Lake splatterfest. Or you could risk it all and venture out for one of these ominous theme parties.


    Strip Club Massacre: 108 Starr Street. Neither strip club nor massacre, this event is still, believe it or not, worth your time. In fact, it's a fundraiser for an imminent one-acre rooftop garden from the folks behind popular Bushwick pizzeria Roberta's. So party for a good, tasty cause as guillotine-inspired musical guests Team Robespierre make the crowd groove their superstitions away.

    Halloween Redux: RSVP for Location. If you can still fit into your Halloween costume after stuffing your face with Snickers bars these past two weeks, waddle over to the Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary for this instant flashback. New York's finest actually shut down Gemini & Scorpio's October 31st dance-a-thon, which of course means the hosts know how to throw a party. Let's hope the ghouls have better luck this time.

    Blk Market. Secret Location. The folks behind some of the best afterhours dance parties in town are going full stop tonight with a techno-leaning lineup of DJs spinning from midnight 'til noon tomorrow. In addition to the Jason flier, Berlin's Bloody Mary rounds out the Friday the 13th theme.