Get Your Preppy Lehman Brothers Swag!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 17, 2008

    Lehman Brothers StressballA simple search on Ebay with the keywords Lehman Brothers uncovers a treasure trove of prep-tastic goodies from the "green monster" that include canvas totes, duffles, hats, a Nalgene bottle, and of course our favorites - the Lehman stress ball and the Lehman Brothers Emergency Evacuation Kit!  The only thing missing from this splendid smorgasbord is a golden parachute.Lehman Brothers Schwag

    So will these fashion items become a new trend for the fall, similar to how Bear Stearn's apparel became the coveted fashion pieces of the moment back in the spring?

    I don't usually like to play the role of a carnival barker, but I have to say,  "get 'em while they're hot!" Perfect for a weekend in Nantucket, The Vineyard, or the Hamptons.  That stress ball is just begging to be squeezed. For a wonderful collage of Lehman collectibles you can scoop up, click here, or the picture to the right-->