SumZero: A Small World For Financial Wonks

by guestofaguest · August 6, 2009

    This past Tuesday SumZero, an invite-only investment buyside analyst community, held their first social get-together at the Bryant Park Cafe that featured a smorgasbord of investment professionals, portfolio managers, and MBA types.  And believe it or not it wasn't just male quant jocks, there were some finance gals there too!  Perhaps this group will make the Soho House second guess their anti-Finance guy eugenics?  Ok maybe not...

    In any event, those who remember asmallworld [ASW] back in the day might remember the feel of a social network that only has a handful of choice members.The Bungalow 8 of the Internets of you will.  But While SumZero fits the bill of exclusivity, you won't be finding a villa in St. Barth's or details for your next trip to St. Tropez.  But it might help you chart your next portfolio moves, that is if you get in past the gatekeeper. As the economy starts to show signs of life (we think), we'll be serving up some more finance parties for you in the GofG party beat.  Stay tuned for more two-toned starched shirts.