The Overwhelmingly Depressing Carlyle Capital Website

by Stanely Stuyvesant · March 20, 2008


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    If the economy being in the can and the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war has got you in the dumps, then by all means stay away from the Carlyle Capital Coporation's website. Rife with "compulsory liquidation" warnings, its truly a dismal spot on the interweb at the moment. But I couldn't help but caption the above picture on the homepage. A week ago it would have read like the following:

    Jim: Hey Bob, good to see you.

    Bob: Hey Jimbo, likewise. You guys really know how to pick 'em.

    Jim: Well thank you. We are glad you decided to invest with us, we're happy to have you as a client.

    Bob: Not as happy as I am with the return you guys gave me the last year.

    And of course a picture is worth a thousand words. This week, it reads something like this:


    Jim: Well Bob, I have some bad news for you. It's been a pretty rough ride the last couple of days.

    Bob: I'll say...

    Jim: We really bought the farm this time.

    Bob: And all the farm animals?

    Jim: Yes, we royally f*$ked up.

    Bob: Well for f*$k sake, how much did you lose?!

    Jim: Everything.

    Bob: Son of a Bitch. There goes my house in the Hamptons and the Emperor's VIP Club.