888 Red Envelopes From Shanghai Tang

by Rachelle Hruska · August 8, 2008

    shanghai-tangToday, 8.8.08, besides being the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing is the LUCKIEST DAY of the year according to the Chinese. From yesterday:

    Tomorrow morning, at 8:08 am, 8 ladies in Shanghai Tang’s signature scarlet silk Qi Pao dresses will pass out 888 red envelopes containing a lucky Chinese dollar on the corner of 57th and Madison Avenue. Those fortunate enough to snatch one up can keep the lucky buck, or bring it in to the Shanghai Tang boutique at 600 Madison Avenue to see if they’ve won an $888 shopping spree!

    A faithful reader went to score up an envelope today and sent us this photo.  I'm sure they are all out of lucky envelopes by now, but I am anxious to see if she wins the spree!