"Ask Party Pants!" What The Hell Do You DO On Saturday Nights?

by guestofaguest · January 26, 2009

    Many of you regular readers may be familiar with our #1 commenter "partypants."  The guy (or girl for all we know) spends more time on the site than Stanley does.  We have gotten a couple of questions in regards to the identity of partypants, but this question in tips today prompted an idea:

    "PartyPants seems to have no life.  Can you ask him what he does on Saturday nights?"

    SO...we did just that. And now, from this day forward you too can get in on the fun by participating in our "Ask PartyPants" column.  Ask him/her any question and we will forward along for an answer which we will post on the site.  Today's answer, direct from PartyPants:

    "I'm sure you're hoping for some insidery list of hotspots. You're not going to get that. I sit at home and drink lime rickeys with my cats.

    Ok, obviously that's only on Tuesday nights. My honest answer? It depends. I have a pretty diverse group of friends, so who I am with typically dictates what I do. I have a friend who always drags me to Therapy because he says I'm "funny" after a few of those banana-ish psychotic cocktails. Sometimes I go wardriving with another crowd I know. Then there are the "crashinistas" I like to tag along with, who just show up at things and try to get in. If you ever see a group of girls dressed up like Prom Night 1987 trying to get into your party, that would be them. They are pretty amusing, though they never seem to get into many events. Sometimes I just go out to a movie by myself and walk around the city for a few hours. I also go to a lot of parties...a LOT of parties. There is always someone I know that is having a party.

    Lately I've been hosting a lot of parties at home. It's partly the yucky weather, but also...I don't know why, but it feels like recently every time I try to go to a haunt there are people taking cellphone pics everywhere, or half the flipping cast of Gossip Girl (figuratively - though sometimes literally). I hate cameras, and I have nothing to say to teenage girls. At my home, I am the doorman."