Breaking News From The Street!

by BRITTANY MENDENHALL · June 13, 2008

     A group of four women in their late 40s were walking down Seventh Avenue, when one tripped and fell in front of Chelsea Papaya on the corner of 23rd street and Seventh avenue. Her hands were full and she couldn't put them out to break her fall. She hit her head on the sidewalk and began bleeding profusely. At least four concerned bystanders dialed 911 on their balkberries and iPhones.

    An unidentified man began screaming "Someone get this woman medical attention!!! Someone call 911" and began shaking the injured woman. A second man grabbed man number one to keep him from further injuring the woman and a fight ensued.

    The woman, insisting she was fine, was escorted to nearby Malibu Diner to wait for the ambulance. Meanwhile two police cars and one police truck arrived on the scene and about five officers broke up the brawl as a large crowd formed on the corner and traffic was stopped.

    No one was arrested and the injured woman is currently still in the Malibu Diner.