Dear Guest Of A Guest: Can You Take Down That Ugly Picture Of Me?

by Chiara Atik · August 2, 2010

    We receive emails and comments all the time from readers who turn to our (not inconsiderable) knowledge of NYC for advice, so we've decided to take time out of our busy day of internet surfing to answer questions. Today: Can we take down that really unflattering picture we posted of you?


    "To Whom It May Concern,

    I was at an event recently and was photographed by your photographer. Can you please please please take down the picture? Sorry to ask, it's just an awful picture, and I'd like it taken down immediately.

    Thank you for understanding!

    In short: No. Sorry.

    In long: Ok, not to get all preachy, but you're an adult*, and we live in a digital age, and you should probably be aware that if you get your picture taken by a professional photographer for an internet site, it will most likely actually end up on the internet, and if you have a job/political career/stalker ex-boyfriend, maybe don't pose for our photographer.

    *If you're a child and reading this, a) weird, and b) yes, we probably would take your picture down)

    That having been said, we CAN give you some tips on how to look better in pictures! (Using tips culled from the internet, because we ourselves aren't sure we've exactly mastered the art quite yet...)

    1. First Thing's First: look at a picture of yourself you don't like, and try to figure out what's wrong with it.

    "I look hideous" is actually not a helpful answer. Try to look for concrete things you can change. For example: are your eyes opened just a little too wide? Or maybe one is slightly shut? Does your smile look forced? Is your arm pressed against your side in an unflattering way? Figure out what you can improve on.

    2. Better Posture Can Do A World Of Good

    The world's most beautiful models look fat and dumpy when they slouch. Stand up straight and instantly look skinnier, more confident.

    3. Wear A Bright, Solid Color

    According to Allure, patterns and jewelry can be distracting, so pick a color that pops out of the frame.




    4. Never Face The Camera Head On, AKA The Skinny Arm Trick

    Whenever possible, turn to the side and strike an angle.  If you're self-conscious about your arms, put them on your hip. Allure assures us that this "creates a triangle that makes your hips look smaller and shows off your waistline."

    Hey, if it works for Tinsley....

    5. Try To Make Yourself Actually Smile

    Do you have something that makes you laugh everytime you think of it? Good: use it when you take pictures. If you can get yourself to smile a real smile, it will look so much better than whatever grimace you'd force otherwise.


    6. And If You Literally Cannot Summon Up A Smile, Make It Work For You

    Case in point: Becka Diamond.