Fashion Week Over, Models Return To Day Job: Stripping

by BILLY GRAY · February 19, 2010

    Rick's Cabaret wants everyone to know that strutting down the runway is just a part-time gig for Fashion Week coutoure models. After revealing the latest clothes in Bryant Park, local beauties spend the 50 non-fashion weeks dancing in the buff. Because "firm butts never go out of style."

    This delightful email from Rick's landed in our inbox earlier today. First they offered free lapdances to Jets players after their solid season. Now, the charitable midtown nudie bar is helping out waifish New York models in their own off-season.

    "After a week of media obsession with stick-figure runway mannequins, we thought it would be a good idea to return the spotlight to where it belongs: on uber-breasted, curvaceous young ladies who are the true stuff of men's fantasies.

    Of course, Rick's Cabaret New York appreciates diversity, and the dancers range from perky A cups to mouth-watering Double Ds. In fact some of the Rick's Cabaret Girls walked the runway this week at Bryant Park. (The designers don't know about their 'double life.')

    Many Rick's Cabaret Girls, however, are not the runway type, and they couldn't be happier about it.

    'I'm proud of my big boobs," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Alondra (34D-25-36). 'They look great in lingerie, a bikini, a T-shirt ... or just hanging out on their own.'

    Rick's Cabaret Girl Margo (34C-24-34) said she loved some of the collections on display at Fashion Week. "But I'd never want to lose my ass just to fit into one of those outfits. Firm butts never go out of style."

    "I can do things on a pole that they could never do on a runway," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Maya (32C-24-33). 'Trust me, the pole's a lot more fun.'"