From Our Inbox: Historic New Year's For Oslo.

by guestofaguest · January 2, 2008

    Maybe the Norweigans aren't better than us, as we were touting below.  Our post on the New Year's sky celebration in Oslo provoked an avid reader to sharpen our knowledge of the tradition in Norway:

    "Well.. New Years Eve in Norway was a little special this year, since it will be the last year/New Years where private people are allowed to use fire works.  From here on out, the fire works that go up in the air will not be allowed, only the ones you can see on the ground (those are not even a bit fun to watch, and will not be visible as other fireworks are). So the picture you posted are actually the last one of its kind from the freezing country up north... All this from an EU directive, saying that all fire work has to be tested and approved, but then again can not be operated by the common man in the street - all this hasopened up a lot of discussions, and also the need for a public firework show on New Years Eve next year - so that we at least have something to watch. There has been so many accidents over the past years due to fire works, just this New Years eve 21 people were injured, including one little boy that was bending over to check on a lit firework and BOOM! it exploded in his face!  Also, there have been several house fires because of fire works...(actually my neighbor's house burned down about 10 years ago.

    That picture you posted truly is special as it is the last year one can actually witness so much fire works in Norway.  So a fire work-lit up sky over Oslo, Bergen, ...or one above the mountain ski resports; are history from this New Years Eve 2007/2008!