The UBS Official Guide To Wining And Dining During The Recession!

by Rachelle Hruska · February 4, 2009

    Today, we got quite the gem in our inbox.  The 2009 NYC Guide to Wining and Dining during the Recession.  But this wasn't just any guide to recession dining, it's the official guide going around the offices over at UBS Investment Bank! One of the rewards of working in a financial institution (at least for me) was the handy dandy .pdf files that were passed around every other month.  The "Official Summer Guides" or the "How to score a seat at Waverly Inn", and the like.  It's definitely looking bleak when the guides are focused on how to wine and dine that client of yours on a budget! Update: Eleanor and Kelli, the creators are NOT associated with UBS, though this did get distributed through the offices. For the entire document, click below....

    NYC Recession Dining Tips - Free Legal Forms