B:Cycle: New Yorkers Want It, But Austin Wants It More

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 22, 2010

    B-cycle is like zipcar for bikes. Only cheaper. And friendlier to the planet. And with the word "community" tossed into the description, so you know it's good. And you - yes you! - can bring it right here to our very own Island of Manhattan.

    [Photo courtesy of B-cycle]


    The Jane Hotel Gets Brand New Bikes

    B-cycle is a bike-share program in which users can purchase memberships, pick up their bike from an automated kiosk, and ride into the sunset. And then return the bike. We hope. The pilot program costs 5 bucks a day, so even with a Big Apple-sized markup, the cost would be hella cheap. And the bikes, as the website notes, are "magic bikes that are there when you want one and gone when you don't."  The program launches today (today! like right now! today!) in Denver, the only city so far to be kitted out.

    Imagine this kiosk surrounded by Nuts for Nuts stands and small dogs wearing sweaters. Looks good, no? [Photo courtesy of B-Cycle]

    Right now, you're asking "How do I make the bikes come to me? Why is there no silver bike waiting in my elevator at this moment?" B-Cycle is holding a vote to determine where the next outpost for their grand experiment will be. You can vote for your zip code at B-Cycle: Who Wants It More. So far, the Manhattan results are shameful. Grand Central is ranked 159th, and the Village is ranked 193rd. What the what? Uh, we win at every thing else by force of sheer numbers, so why aren't we leading the pack on this one?

    So who's winning? Austin. Effing Austin. Strike back guys, and start clicking.

    If you need more convincing, here's proof that certain other modes of transportation are incredibly dangerous: