NYC Sustainable Living: The Flock House Project

by Morgan Markey · July 17, 2012

    Sustainability is becoming increasingly fundamental to our culture, especially within urban areas such as NYC. The Flock House Project promotes the awareness of a sustainable future through the implementation of traveling self contained ecostystems that migrate throughout New York City's five boroughs. The artist Mary Mattingly initiated this project in Brooklyn in 2010 and aimed to create a living space that could build community as well as a more resourceful way of living.

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    The Flock House Project will be in Battery Park from July 17th-30th and will move to other public park locations during the summer. These houses symblize the need for change and experiment with the possibility of maintaining a completely sustainable lifestyle. Artists, engineers and environmentalists have collaborated to create these mobile, self sufficient, living spaces that project volunteers are inhabiting.

    The houses are built from reclaimed and redesigned materials and volunteers use rainwater capture methods, inner-city agriculture techniques, and solar power in order to live within the units. The exterior is made up of various shapes that are easy to assemble and disassemble, while the interior is small and filled with just a hammock and a few items. This project may seem a bit extreme, but it is a big step towards raising awareness for a more sustainable and economically stable future.

    To learn more about The Flock House Project click HERE!

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