Get Your Daily Coffee The Earth Friendly Way

by SARAH JAFFE · July 2, 2008

    Daily CoffeeA local coffee shop branch called Tisserie, attached to the DKNY store on Thompson street in SoHo, not only warms the pastries for you after you order but also uses cups made from corn. The cup company Greenware makes crystal clear cups from a 100% compostable corn biopolymer, in 5 sizes ranging from 7 to 24 ounces.

    These cups are both earth and economic friendly, as they are made in America and use very little printing which conserves resources and greatly reduces costs. So the next time your in SoHo and looking where to take a coffee break, make sure to skip the many other temptations and visit Tisserie, (on Thompson between Spring and Broome), for one delicious earth friendly experience.

    [Samsung's Corny Cellphone]