Tell us about how AYR got started and how the two of you began working together?

Tell us about how AYR got started and how the two of you began working together? Maggie Winter: Jac and I have been friends for years, and one day a couple of years ago, we were dreaming of the brand that we wished existed. The next month, I met Andy Dunn through a friend. We met for coffee one morning before work, and that’s when AYR really began. He told me he was interested in investing in a women’s label. He had the infrastructure, financing, and experience – but he was missing the vision for the brand. I quit my job a few weeks later, and we have been working on AYR ever since. Jac Cameron: Maggie and i have been friends for about 6 years and had worked together previously at a different company. Maggie on the business side/ merchandising and myself in design. We had both dreamt of one day creating the brand we wished had existed. A line of edited essentials in clean shapes that you reach for at least 3 times a week. A collection of items that you can easily throw into a suit case and travel with. A line that also isn't too disposable or too expensive. Maggie met Andy Dunn the ceo of Bonobos for coffee and he explained how he was interested in stepping into the woman's apparel market. Shortly there after Maggie and i both began concepting and designing the brand AYR.
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