BlackBook's Steve Lewis Shows Us His Support

by Rachelle Hruska · October 30, 2008

    "I urge all my loyal readers to vote for Barack for President and Guest of a Guest for best blog"

    This was the start of Steve Lewis' post on BlackBook today, which was part two of an interview he did with the Southside owners (and friends) Anthony Martignetti and James Willis. Then we saw this on Britanny's site, ChiChi212. Thank you for all of your support! It's so nice to have friends in the Blogosphere! Now, back to the Southsiders...last year, I spent my Halloween at the old Bellas, and things got pretty crazy. This year, I hoping to stop into Southside to see my favorites dressed in their costumes! As for tonight, I have an amazingly ELABORATE costume that I can't wait to ROCK OUT, and too many places to go....

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