Embrace Media Celeb Dress-Up Games This Halloween

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 25, 2010

    Kinda Scary InvitationSo, we're kind of intrigued by the Kinda Scary Halloween Eve party at the Thomson Hotel that invites you to "dress up as for [sic] favorite media or technology celebrity." Given that our own Rachelle Hruska is featured top-center on the invite's collage, we thought we'd dissect the photos and provide a brief how-to guide to affecting a media-celeb image.

    Before we head into the run-down, though, we thought we'd offer a few tid-bits about Kinda Sorta Media, the company producing the party with the schnazzy invite.

    As gleaned from its website, KSM, whose logo is an exclamation mark within a mustard-yellow nebulous poof, describes itself as

    "an ad hoc network of specialists who work in diverse sectors of digital media and entertainment."

    Malcolm GladwellThe cryptic explanation then promises, through a parenthetical:

    "Soon, we will publish the full list of affiliates and partners. If you want to partake in something."

    Try Malcolm Gladwell out for size. Go for the vaingloriously, statically electric, Kafka-got-friendly-with-an-electrical-outlet hair style of the famous pop-sociology Wunderkind and New Yorker scribe. Rub balloons on your unruly main and own the intellectual frizz.


    Anna WintourOr, try the Anna Wintour bob, flowing over your exaggeratedly-large black sunglasses.

    Maybe have a power-suited friend of yours speak in a Murdochian Australian brogue and discuss--with  unintelligible mutter and all--your plans for the WSJ to take down the Times. If you're feeling in the mood to channel your inner tech geek, you can affect the gawky half stare of Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin.

    But above all, don't forget to preface every statement with:

    "off the record, hrmm-hrmm...I think..."

    in order to brandish your media savvy and further your self-protection mode. In a media world of self-cultivated images and larger-than-life personalities curated and disseminated all the more quickly through the interwebs, why not embrace the trend and enter into the meta (so meta, dude) masquerade of an already be-costumed sector? Or something.

    [Gladwell image via Village Voice]