The GofG Halloween 2009 Costume Awards

by ERIC UGLAND · November 2, 2009

    [Toy Soldiers: a classic done right.] Normally, Halloween is a chance to dress up in a goofy costume you bought on the way to the party. Occasionally, your friends will give you a hearty guffaw because you pulled out the big guns and made an amazing costume, but most of the time, your efforts, and failures, are largely left quiet. Well, no longer. We now present a series of awards and critiques of some of the costumes we saw this Halloween.

    Most intellectual: (a tie) Roy Lichtenstein [via]

    Low resolution [via]

    Cutest Couple as Breakfast Food: Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and Luke Howell as Bacon and Egg (at Heidi Klum's Party in Hollywood)

    Best Costume Made on the Way to the Party in the Subway: MetroCard Sculpture

    Best Group Costume: The Airport Team

    Best '80's Movie Reference: Karate Kid

    Best Cartoon Outfit: Nick McGlynn does Inspector Gadget

    Best Normal People Can't Wear Spandex: Superman

    Best Obscure to Cartoons From Our Childhood: Qua Quail Man (from "Doug")

    Best "I'm So Good Looking It Doesn't Matter What I Wear": T Donovan Trevor Donovan as Vaguely Military

    Best Least Dressed: Devil thing? (At Rose Bar's party)

    Best Recycled Costume: Busch Gladiators

    Best Intellectual Costume (Children's Division): Museums of the Neighborhood. [Via]

    Best Produce: Pickle Pickle

    Best Sushi:

    So cute we could eat her up [Via]

    Best "Where the Wild Things Are" Costume:

    On NYC Subway

    Best Bad Idea: Seal, Heidi Klum Seal and Heidi Klum as black crows

    Least Enthusiastic: Steve Bing Steve Bing

    [Photos via Nick McGlynn, PMc, Getty].