Very Important Question: What Should Your Pet Be For Halloween?

by Christie Grimm · October 27, 2020

    There comes a time in metropolitan life when you no longer care what short skirt outfit you'll be strutting around Greenwich Village in on Halloween. You're a bit older now, a smidge more mature, and have finally had it with wearing no clothes in the cold. So naturally, your attention turns to tracking down the perfect costume for your pooch.

    Pumpkin Pet Insurance is helping pet parents conjure up the perfect All Hallows' Eve look for their furry friend with their new Halloween Costume Generator!

    Through a quick quiz of totally rational questions - from what tv network best describes your pet to what they'd say if they could talk - they'll match you with a costume concept that flawlessly reflects your pup's personality.

    Taco or pineapple? Spider or vampire? Ariel or Belle?

    This is too important a decision for you to leave to your own devices. Try the test out for yourself!

    [Photos via Pumpkin Pet Insurance]