Heidi Montag Even More Unrecognizable Than That People Cover Let On

by BILLY GRAY · January 19, 2010

    At the ripe old age of 23, Heidi Montag has become the West Coast's Jocelyn Wildenstein.  For real, this is just kind of sad. You know how they say dogs eventually resemble their owners? This pooch has its work cut out for it. Lots and lots of work.

    We're aching over the transformation. In discussion with my female colleagues, I can agree that being so top heavy makes her look fat, and she really displays no emotion in her face. Will she regret it? If she does she'll likely still have to pony up for the maintenance work. While she did have moments on "The Hills" where some semblance of personality shone through, it's now hard to acknowledge any of that. Delivery of seeming sincerity via cyborg just doesn't really work.

    We're also taking bets on whether Spencer leaves her or she leaves Spencer. So much crazy can only be holed up in one house for so long.

    Between this and Holly's drunken dance moves of last season, Momma and Poppa Montag must be super proud.

    (Photos courtesy of jjb.yuku.com)