All American Hipsters Celebrating Independence Day

by SARAH CROW · July 7, 2009

    [A true American hero. All photos by The Cobrasnake] On July 4th of each year, as we celebrate our independence, I often wonder what it really means to be an American. Is it the freedom to live your life in a democratic society, free of religious persecution, or is the smaller, but equally important freedoms, like the ability to chew gum from a stranger's mouth, or the right to fashion the stars and stripes into an ill-fitting cape? The Cobrasnake, in his infinite wisdom, shows us how to take full advantage of our privileged birth, capture it on film, and leave our ancestors rolling in their graves. "Nothing says America to me like pantslessness and Dutch beer."

    Jeremy Scott, Mark Hunter

    "I'm trying to ease America's pain over the loss of Michael Jackson by bringing a new creepy, effeminate man into the public consciousness."

    Mark Hunter

    "Taking into account my herpes and her veganism, this is the only kind of sex we can have."