Deck The Halls With A $19,500 Save Venice-Themed Christmas Tree Designed By Bronson van Wyck!

by Guest of A Guest · November 23, 2021

    Bless her heart, sweet little society staple Lauren Santo Domingo just can't stop trying to Save Venice!

    Her latest foray into the world of glamorous fundraising to support the Italian gem? A most brilliant holiday collaboration between Moda Operandi and event designer extraordinaire Bronson van Wyck!

    This year, Lauren's luxury site will be offering up van Wyck's services in crafting an over the top, one-of-a-kind Christmas tree inspired by the city of masks... and water, and bridges, and canals! (honestly, what isn't Venice the city of?!)

    "I've always been drawn to the beauty and fragility of Venice," shares van Wyck. 

    "The city offers a unique style that combines an inimitable environment, striking architecture, and history. To coincide with the 50th anniversary of Save Venice, it only felt natural to design a holiday tree inspired by timeless Venetian motifs. We combined traditional Murano glass ornaments, creatures from the Adriatic Sea, and hand-painted architectural pieces to capture the spirit of Venice and hopefully raise awareness for efforts working to preserve this treasured city. Venice is the city of love and love is all you need for the holiday."

    Oh yeah, I forgot, Venice is also the city of love.

    But I digress. 

    Those lucky enough to swing such a decadent decorative treat will have the option of selecting either a live Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir or faux tree between eight and eleven feet tall. From there, the van Wyck elves will arrive chez vous to install the show stopper including everything from the chicest collection of antique and handmade ornaments to a hand-sewn tapestry tree skirt.

    As one would imagine, saving Venice isn't a cheap endeavor. All in, the Save Venice Tree will run you $19,500, with 10% of the sales price donated to the foundation.

    My advice? Go for the fake tree and never take it down.

    You'll have the most interesting art piece around!

    [Photos courtesy Moda Operandi]