Buying XX For Xmas: A Holiday Guide

by Ann Chow · November 29, 2011

    Tereza Nemessanyi, Co-Founder and CEO of Honestly Now believes that since the ladies do most of the shopping come this time of year (or any time of year, really), it only makes sense that the money go back in their pockets. Here are five browseworthy sites owned by women, guaranteed to satisfy all your holiday shopping needs.

    Check out more sites over at the Honestly Now Tumblr; you're guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list, so get to shopping.

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    1. Birchbox

    What it is: For just $10 a month, you get four to five hand-picked deluxe samples delivered to your door. If you love a particular product, you can pick up a full-size version of your favorite sample in the Birchbox Shop. We love this because it's way better than trying to figure out why Sephora's website needed "touch-ups" at midnight on Black Friday when they started their 10 for $10 each deals.

    Honestly Now says: "Awesome makeup. Awesome how-to. Awesome gift idea. And EASY. They’ve got Birchbox Man, too, if you’re into the power of suggestion."

    2. Red Stamp

    What it is: A digital service for both digital AND paper correspondence. There are an insane amount of really cute designs for every occasion, or if you prefer, send something created with a photo you took, and send them through email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or honest-to-goodness mailable paper postcards. You mean, we can look like we put some thought into sending snail mail instead of email? Grandma will be so pleased!

    Honestly Now says: "Send gorgeous modern cards, invitations, notes and family photos from your iPhone in seconds, via Red Stamp. Thousands of designs, customizable on the fly and ready to text, email, Tweet or FB.  (Heck, they'll even print and mail it for you. It's a post-excuse era.)"

    3. Of A Kind

    What it is: Each week, a designer whose work Of A Kind loves will be featured on the site. A series of stories about that designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, you name it—along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of A Kind will be shared through the site. Rachel Sklar is a fan, as evidenced by this pic.

    Honestly Now says: "Adorable, fashionable, darling, sexy, cool, funky objets d’artsy-fashion from emerging designers. They curate better than we speak French."

    4. Bauble Bar

    What it is: A website with every imaginable type of jewelry, even pieces worn by your favorite celebs, without the high price tag. You can never have too many necklaces (or bracelets, or rings).

    Honestly Now says:"Not only is there every type of jewelry you could need - rings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, earrings of every size and type (remember the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin? Pretty much that) - it’s organized by style, and helpfully broken down (if you’re like me, you may know how to *buy* accessories, but you don’t know how to *wear* them)."

    5. LARK Wristband

    What it is: An alarm clock synced to a wristband you wear before you go to sleep allows you to wake up without waking your partner. We love this; not having your significant other curse you (for waking them up) before you leave the house is always a good start to the day.

    Honestly Now says: "Be the most considerate, on-time person ever! The LARK wristwatch wakes up the wearer silently, without disturbing their slumbering partner. Even better, buy it as a gift."