Chefanie's Top Tips For Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

by Christie Grimm · November 13, 2020

    Freaking out about hosting your first Thanksgiving? Whether you're gathering together with your quarantine crew or are just cooking for your roommate, the first-timer turkey stress is real. As a caterer, culinary influencer, and tabletop queen, Chefanie is the ultimate resource for all things entertaining this holiday season. Scroll below for her foolproof guide to nailing Turkey Day, from sourcing your feast's ingredients to prepping everything the day before. 

    For those looking for even more kitchen assistance, Chefanie will be joining Breville and a collection of top home chefs for a virtual cooking series benefitting the amazing charity The Edible Schoolyard Project starting this Sunday, November 15th. 

    I don't know about you, but I'll sure be watching and taking notes!


    Figure out your menu
    To ensure you have all of the classics, plan to have:
    - A Seasonal Soup - this mushroom recipe should do the trick.
    - Turkey - Ina Garten's Truffle Turkey is my personal favorite
    - Cranberry Sauce - might I recommend my own Apple Cider Cranberry Sauce?
    - Stuffing - why use boring bread when you can use Challah
    - Vegetables - string beans, Brussels Sprouts and another green vegetable.
    - Potatoes - sweet, standard, or both done however you like.
    - Cornbread

    Choose your ingredient purveyors
    In NYC, I look to DiPaola's for turkeys, Four & Twenty Blackbrids for pie, Maison du Chocolat for after-dinner chocolates, Murray's for cheeseboard goodies, and Fairway for general grocery shopping.

    In the Hamptons, I head to Cavaniola's for my cheeseboard needs, Mecox Bay Dairy and Miloski's for turkey, and Fairview Farm at Mecox for pies.

    If mail-order works best, you can't go wrong with Colt's pecan pie and Jeni's Splendid ice cream.

    Devise a color palette for the evening 
    Set the table as far in advance as you can spare the dining room. And if you're anything like me, plan your outfit and hand paint a menu to match!

    Save yourself the stress and prep everything in advance
    One day before, clean and chop the vegetables, cook the soup, make the cranberry sauce, prepare the sides to go in the oven and make any dessert - except cookies (cookies must be done day-of). 

    Day of, roast the turkey, cook the sides, chill the champagne and enjoy!

    [Photos courtesy Chefanie]