Easter Edition: Where To Get The Best Cupcakes

by Alyssa Rinaldi · April 22, 2011

    This Sunday is Easter. In an attempt to get back the best part of Easter, i.e. the food, we've made a list of the best places to get your Sunday treats, or, rather, our treat of choice: Cupcakes...When we were kids we remember Easter Sunday as the day when we had to put on our best pastel get-up, sit through hours of church and subsequent hours of crazy family chatter over meals which lasted late into the evening.  What made it all good, though, was the massive quantity of confectionery products marking the end of lent that caused us to fall into sugar comas by mid-evening. So whether you're treating friends, family, or just indulging yourself, you'll know where to get your fix: no creepy oversized rabbit involved.

    Butter Lane, 123 East 7th Street, between 1st and Avenue A

    Come for the cupcakes, and indulge in the frosting...with options like chocolate sea salt and cheesecake flavors, you'll have a new cupcake experience.

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    Baked By Melissa, Locations in Soho, Union Square, Grand Central check them out HERE.

    These have to be some of the best mini cupcakes.  Melissa will even have specific easter themed ones (vanilla cupcakes with sweet cotton candy crunch on top) in various pastel colors only available from the 22nd-24th.

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    Sweet Revenge, 62 Carmine St, Carmine and Bedford St.

    This West Village Cupcake spot combines three of the best things: Beer, Wine, AND Cupcakes (and they pair them for you)!  I don't think we need to say any more...

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    Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, 126 Rivington Street, Between Essex St. & Norfolk.

    This LES place has a homey feel, and offers up some delights.  Cupcakes are only 1.75, and you can't go wrong with their 'Sexy Red Velvet' or 'Sunshine' cupcakes.

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    Crumbs, various locations, see website HERE.

    Although most people know all about Crumbs, that doesn't mean their cupcakes are any less excellent.  From the fillings to the varieties of cake, you will definitely find a cupcake (or many) at Crumbs that you will fall in love with. They also have an easter signature collection for you to check out...in mini (Taste Pack) sizes, and regular.

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    Tulu's Gluten Free Bakery, 338 East 11th St, between 1st and 2nd ave.

    If you have dietary restrictions, New York is a pretty great place to be.  Tulu's offers a selection of gluten free baked goods, and they make a mean cupcake ( one of my favorte being the Red Velvet cake with the Vanilal Cream Cheese icing).

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    Cupcake Stop Truck, Changes daily: follow their Twitter HERE to find out where they are.

    Who would have thought that some of the best cupcakes in The City would come from a truck?  I didn't.  However, this gourmet cupcake shop on wheels offers some great cupcakes.

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    So, get on out there, and get stocking up on our favorite icing topped little cakes-Oh, and have a happy Easter.

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