Our Top Ten Most Stylish Mother's Day Gifts

by Natalie Decleve · May 4, 2011

    Ah, Mother's Day - the one day of the year, dedicated to honoring the person who has given you every day of your life so far. Don't you owe it to her to treat her to something special? This year, rather than a set of gardening tools, non-stick bake-ware or a new doormat - how about a gift that celebrates the woman beyond the title role? Check out my top 10 most stylish Mother's Day Gifts.

    1. For the mom who let you waddle around in her shoes as a kid:

    My Mom, Style Icon $18.95 [BUY HERE]

    2. A ring fit for a matriarch:

    Mother of Pearl ring by Messy Jilly $850 [BUY HERE]

    3. The more kids she has, the more diamonds she gets

    Customizable "Innocence Collection" Bracelet by Design AZ (Price Upon Request) [BUY HERE]

    4. Treat your mom AND yourself to some pampering and quality time together

    Mom & Me Spa Package at Spa Merge $190/Person [BUY HERE]

    5. Your mom will get a kick out of these charming espadrilles

    Kate Spade Espadrilles $99 [BUY HERE]

    6. For the list-loving mom:

    "Shopaholics that I Met and Liked" notebook $10 [BUY HERE]

    (also available in Lovers, Gardeners, Actors, Designers, Photographers and Surfers - depending on your mom's personality!)

    7. A great way to brighten your mom’s day:

    "Hello Sunshine" Straw Hat by Kate Spade $95 [BUY HERE]

    8. Sweet moms deserve sweet gifts:

    Henri Bendel Girl Chocolate Bar set $24 [BUY HERE]

    9. Because fresh flowers don’t last:

    Philosophy Fragrance Set $35 [BUY HERE]

    10. Hot Mamma!

    M.I.L.F (Mother I'd Like to Fudge) Brownies from Hot Bondies Bakery $25 [BUY HERE]